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Using A Conventional LIMS? 5 Things Pulling Down Your Performance

The emergence of an LIMS from Health Please in an up and running pathological lab cannot be the shunned. It is an integral part of a laboratory’s lifecycle not just with respect to the streamlining of day-to-day samplings but even with the longevity of the lab. So if you, as a lab owner, are not using a LIMS in your lab to maintain your processes you may be doing harm to your business than profit.

If you are using an LIMS, then it is crucial that you stay in pace with the times. Using a conventional LIMS software could be lagging you and your lab processes in ways more than one. In such a case, it will be a wise decision to upgrade your LIMS software and take the maximum benefit out this operational boon. Most non-updated LIMS come with basic features like booking appointments, generating reports, user base maintenance, etc. but with the advanced features, you can expand the usability of technology to a plethora of avenues in your laboratories.

Think of holistic management. So you can sit back and focus on what you should, your business growth.

Here are a few things that may be pulling down your lab’s performance and your overall productivity with a conventional LIMS.

Poor Alignment in Objectives and Deliverables

With changing times, your lab’s needs and business objectives also keep evolving. It is a process that cannot be overlooked either can be avoided. A conventional LIMS software will not evolve or cannot be upgraded to suit your growing needs from time to time. In addition, your LIMS should be flexible to incorporate any new expectations in a short turnaround time and not be rebuilt from scratch.

Lack of Training/Support

The LIMS is often left alone to its own devices. Staff mostly hesitate to handle it in critical situations and, even worse; most times the staff lacks the technical expertise of LIMS. In addition, constant supervision on the part of IT is not possible unless you employ an IT resources full time in your lab for that matter. Recurring on-the-job training with LIMS is a costly affair and bulks up on the staff’s roles and responsibilities, which not all may be OK with.

Features Flexibility

As previously mentioned, scaling up your business with LIMS is a quintessential reason for using it. If your LIMS does not offer you the flexibility to stay ahead with the evolving times, then it will ultimately pull you down. For instance, does it offer you iOS support and on smart phones too? What is the security encryption in use and how upgraded it it? Can the workflows be altered at the user-end? A flexibility on the part of features will be a definitive cost-saver for you.

Unlike a conventional LIMS, Health Please has a solution that is more than your clerical stuff. The LIMS from Health Please is an intelligent system that adapt to your growing business needs. It deftly counters all the cases presented above and rightfully serves the purpose that it is designed to deliver our clients with.

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