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Clinical Pathology Tests to Curb Disease

Clinical pathology tests are crucial to understand one’s well-being be it a blood test or a urine test or other important tests like lipid test, complete thyroid or hemogram tests. The clinical tests provide a vital information to the docs which help them understand the gravity of the health issue that one is facing. Having the knowledge and the know how’s of pathology lab test helps every individual in the long run as far as health stability is concerned.

What are pathology tests?

A pathology test is a biopsy procedure in which body samples such as blood, urine, stool or other samples obtained are used to test body diseases and abnormality. With these sample tests done and analysed the doctors can use this information to understand the nature of the disease (if any) in the body of the patient. With these accurate diagnosis, the treatment of the disease can be initiated for immediate cure.

The diseases such as allergies, infections, chronic diseases, cancer can all be diagnosed in appropriate time and the doctors and nurses can then prevent, manage and monitor vital body conditions associated with the disease.

Importance of Pathology Test

Top objectives that can be achieved through the pathology test are as below:

· Manage and monitor chronic diseases· Early detection and diagnosis of disease· Individualize treatment plans· Improve diagnosis and treatment outcomes· Curb disease progression

Things to remember before your lab test

It is critical that standard procedure and points needs to be followed before conducting a lab test. Few of the precautions to be taken are as below.

Intimating about Prior Medications – Any minute type of medications be it even herbal or over-the-counter (non-prescription) medications needs to be informed to the doctor before conducting the test.

Following Given Instructions Precisely – Some tests need special preparation such as fasting etc. The sample collection staff needs to be briefed if you have followed the standard procedure before the test in such special events.

Clarifying Doubts about the tests – In case of confusion about what needs to be done for /before or after the tests it is best to check with your doctor or call the laboratory.

Understanding the test results

The doctor is generally the one who knows best about your physical condition and hence it is best that you consult him before reaching to a conclusion on the report.

At times, the laboratory staff labels the results as being either normal or abnormal but it is always important that the decision of deciding the same shall best be left to the doctor who ordered the test.

Your doctor will take into account many factors before concluding and then talk to you about whether an abnormal test result is a sign of a problem, or is just one of those things.

Key points to discuss with your doctor

You might want talk to your doctor about:

Which tests are best for you and why?What you need to do before, during, or after the test?What the results might mean for your health, such as whether you need any treatment?Whether any abnormal results are important?Whether you will need any follow up tests?

Now that you know the detailing around pathology tests, you are in better position to deal with the test’s period when you face it.

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