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Get One Touch Access Of Your Pathology Lab With Pathology Lab Software

Health Please is proud to introduce a Cloud Based App for Labs that helps them manage their In Centre and Home Visit appointments, Test Reporting and Finances more efficiently and conveniently.

  • Online Presence
    1. Get Appointments through website and Health Please mobile App.
  • Track Appointments
    1. Easy User Interface to Track and Manage your In centre and Home visits appointments
    2. Get instant information of Today's, Pending, Completed, Cancelled and Total Appointments
    3. Make any appointment slot active or inactive as per availability of Lab Technician
  • Statistics & Financials
    1. Bar graph to indicate Daily, Weekly, Monthly & Yearly trends.
    2. Pie Chart - To study comparison between
      1. Pending & Completed Tests.
      2. Packages vs Individual test vs Radiology Test.
      3. Online Payment vs Cash on Collection.
    3. Custom Pie Chart & Bar graph.
    4. Daily, Weekly, Monthly and FY reports in excel format.
  • Test Values
    1. Connect your Lab machines to our Software and get test parameters automatically
    2. Else enter test values directly into the software
  • Test Report & Invoices
    1. Ready to send Test reports with Inbuilt Header & Footer for Labs
    2. Provision to email reports directly to Patient in just one click
    3. Lab specific invoices to be generated with Header and footer
  • App Interface
    1. Access, Track and manage all Lab activities through Mobile App.
  • User Database
    1. Anytime access to historic Patient's details & their reports.

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