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FAQs For Pathology Related Problems

Q1. Does Health Please conduct these tests?

No. Health Please does not conduct these tests. We at Health Please simply offer the home collection service of the samples, thus acting as a bridge between you and the pathology lab. Apart from that, Health Please offers you the auxiliary services of

  • EMR (Electronic Medical Records)

  • Online Payment


Q2. What is the procedure to book the home collection?

For booking your appointment you simply need to visit, and enter the basic details required on our "Request Sample Collection" section on the home page. You will them be asked to make your own account on Health Please, in an easy two step procedure. And, there you are! Your appointment is booked.

Q3. Which tests and packages are available through Health Please?

Here's a list of tests offered though the services of Health Please -

  • Diabetes Screen Test

  • Lipid Profile Test

  • Liver Functionality Test (SGPT, SGOT, Bilirubin, Protein And More)

  • Kidney Profile Test

  • Thyroid Test

  • Free Thyroid Test

  • Complete Hemogram Test

  • Iron Deficiency Profile

  • Anaemia Profile Test

  • Hepatitis B Profile

  • Cardiac Risk Markers

  • Common Blood Profile

Q4. How do I know which tests are included in a package?

To get the Package Description and the Tests included under a package, just go to the pricing page and click on the package of which you need details. As a result, a pop-up comes up on the screen that contains all the details of the packages.


Q5. The test prescribed for me is not present in the test list. Is the test not available?

We at Health Please avail all tests. In case the test prescribed to you, is not visible in our test list, chances are that the naming convention of the test prescribed by your doctor and that of's is different. In such case we request you to kindly select 'Request a call back option' or 'Ask a Query'. Or you simply send us your query with an image of your prescription at ''!


Q6. How do I know which tests should I undertake?

It is highly recommended that you undergo the tests that have been recommended by your doctor. You can then crosscheck the available tests from your prescription, and book them accordingly.

Q7. Where will I find test charges?

Test charges can be found on:-

  • The Home page (Simply click on the icon "Request Sample Collection")

  • The Pricing page (On the top bar)

  • The Confirmation page (The total applicable charges of test and packages will be present)


Q8. My time slot is present but I am unable to select it. What do I do?

If a user books home collection appointment on a particular date and time slot, then that time slot for that given day is disabled. In such a situation, we request you to kindly select an alternative time slot.

Q9. My Time slot is available but I am unable to book the appointment. What should I do?

In order to reach you on time as well as in an attempt to maintain top class quality and get your reports available as soon as possible, we have to restrict the total appointments for the day. In such a situation, we request you to kindly select the next available date and time.

Q10. I can't find my location in options provided to me.

We sincerely apologize for the inconvenience. Due to geographical limitations, we currently serve in limited areas that are mentioned on the home page and the drop down list. However, we will be soon adding lots of new locations to our operations!

Q11. Why should I sign up?

Signing up with HealthPlease have a lot of benefits such as:

  1. You won't have to type your address and contact details again and again.

  2. With just one click, you can use your registered address for booking appointments, even for your loved ones.

  3. Store & maintain all your Historic reports in your personalized Health Please account for free.

  4. You will receive the latest offers from


Q12. What is 'Book for Yourself' Option?

The 'Book for Yourself' option should be used if the tests are to be carried out on the user itself.

Q13. Can I book for someone else from my Health Please account?

Yes, you can conveniently book, pay and see reports of your loved ones from your Health Please's profile. Just select 'Book for Other' option on the Step 2 - i.e. the Appointment details page.

Q14. How do I know if I have to Fast and for how long?

Fasting is usually for 10-12 hrs. Fasting information can be found on:-

  • Under Details of each test on the Pricing page

  • On the confirmation page

  • In the confirmation email, after booking the appointment for sample collection


Q15. How and when can I collect my report?

Your report will be available for viewing and downloading under the History tab of your Health Please account. A copy of the same will also be e-mailed to you. In case, you wish to have a hard copy of the same, we will be happy to get it delivered to your doorstep, on request.

Q16. What are the various mode of payments available?

You can either pay in cash to our technician when he comes to your home for the collection of sample. Or, you can also opt to pay online, at the time of booking your appointment.

Q17. When exactly do I have to make the payment, at the time of sample collection or while getting my reports?

Payment is taken by the Lab's technician who comes to collect samples from home (Cash on Collection). In case you wish to make the payment online, it should be made while booking the appointment.

Q18. How will I know when exactly will the concerned technician come to my place for collection of sample?

The concerned lab technician will come at the time slot as selected by you. Moreover, the technician will give you a call right before coming.

Q19. In case of any query, how should I contact you?

Please feel free to get in touch with us through any of the following options:

  • Talk to our customer care through live chat

  • Ask your query form

  • Request a callback

  • Email at

Q20. How can I add/remove tests or re schedule my appointment once it is booked?

You can add or remove any of the tests and even re-schedule it by going to the History Tab under your Health Please profile. Simply click on the 'Edit' option and modify your test.

Q21. How can I cancel the appointment?

If you wish to cancel your appointment then, you may click on 'Cancel' Option on the History tab under your Health Please profile.

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