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How Long Infection Persists After Flu Or Cold

by Health Please

Posted on 11:34AM Sep 19, 2018 in General

How Long Infection Persists After Flu Or Cold

The Monsoon season is normally scary, not just for the heavy rainfalls that keep affecting your daily routine, but for a mouthful of infections rains bring along with them. We do understand how paramount monsoon is for us, but there’s no denying the fact that it is monsoon that stokes the fire that various infections try to spread. Flu and Cold are the most common infections that affect millions of people during monsoon, and while neither of the two can become serious, let alone fatal, they do affect our daily lives by causing excruciating body aches, among other symptoms. Fever ensures you are pinned down to your bed, wrapped in a healthy load of blankets.

How Long Infection Persists after Flu or Cold,Fever, infections & etc | Health PLease

While the popular preconceived notion is that your body is just preparing to fight the infection when your symptoms are at peak, the fact is the exact opposite – you experience those excruciating muscle aches or high fever precisely because your immune system isn’t just alive and kicking, it’s already at work, which is why you feel the fever and muscle aches. It’s your immune system that’s trying to eliminate the infection from your body.

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