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7 Most Contagious Diseases During Monsoon

by Health Please

Posted on 09:50AM Aug 21, 2018 in General

7 Most Contagious Diseases During Monsoon

For some, it’s a surreal experience, as they go on to explore exotic locations that are at their vivacious best; for others, it’s a struggle to reach their workplace, even as they fight rains, mostly with an umbrella, or with raincoats or jackets. It’s monsoon that makes the nature breathtakingly beautiful; and it is the same monsoon that troubles people – either by affecting their daily lives by torrential rains; or by stoking already widespread contagious diseases.

 Most  Contagious Diseases During Monsoon - Health Please( A diagnostic service provider

When a majority of people struggle to find their old stock of paracetamol tablets, the same tablets they dilapidated the previous year anticipating they would never be used, you know the monsoons are hitting hard, and a flurry of contagious diseases are knocking the door, with a few of them having already set a foot in. While monsoon is home to quite a few contagious diseases, let’s take a look at seven diseases that are the most common and likely to affect you this monsoon.

Cold and Flu

While cold and flu can affect an individual throughout the year, it is most likely to affect people during monsoon, with fluctuating climates creating an ideal environment for a host of viruses to dwell. Affected patients generally get fever and cold that may last for around 3 or 7 days and a simple dose of paracetamol can help control the fever. If the patient experiences high fever, it’s wise to consult a Doctor and start an antibiotic course. Sore throat, sneezing and running nose are an early symptom of a typical flu attack. While you cannot do a lot to avoid it, it’s wise to keep your body well hydrated to try and avoid cold and flu. Avoid unhygienic cold drinks and raw roadside food as much as possible.

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