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How Health Please Helps You To Get A Quick Health Check-up In Pune

by Health Please

Posted on 10:48AM Jun 25, 2018 in General

How Health Pelase Helps You To Get A Quick Health Check-up In Pune

A holistic healthcare is in both, your physical and mental wellbeing. As the adage goes, indeed, prevention is better than cure.

Health Check-up | Pune

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How To Maintain Your Body with Full Body Check-Up | Blog

by BlogAdmin

Posted on 09:01PM Jan 23, 2018 in General

In today’s fast paced life, we find ourself busy for everything but our Health. We all have forgotten the age old saying of Health Wealth to the digital yet busy lifestyle.

We fail to spare some valuable time for our own selves. We do not have the time to review our health condition, eat a balanced and timely meal, move ourselves appropriately, take a good night’s sleep, and on and on. With this, the older communicable diseases like Malaria, Typhoid and Polio have become curable but lifestyle related diseases such as diabetes, heart diseases and cancer are getting prevalent.

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Clinical Pathology Tests to Curb Disease | Health Please – Blog

by BlogAdmin

Posted on 08:59PM Jan 23, 2018 in General

Blog - Clinical Pathology Tests - And Its Importance.jpg

Clinical pathology tests are crucial to understand one’s well-being be it a blood test or a urine test or other important tests like lipid test, complete thyroid or hemogram tests. The clinical tests provide a vital information to the docs which help them understand the gravity of the health issue that one is facing. Having the knowledge and the know how’s of pathology lab test helps every individual in the long run as far as health stability is concerned.

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