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Type 1 Diabetes Kills Cells in the Body: Are they useful ones?

by Health Please

Posted on 11:34AM Sep 19, 2018 in General

Type 1 Diabetes Kills Cells in the Body: Are they useful ones?

Type 1 Diabetes is a chronic disease that destroys the body’s ability to produce insulin, a hormone used to break down and store energy from foods, in the Body in the form of glucose or sugar. In the absence of insulin, high levels of fat and glucose remain in the bloodstream. In the long run, this can severely damage the vital body organs. Type 1 Diabetes, earlier referred to as insulin-dependent or juvenile diabetes, is normally caused at any age and is most frequently diagnosed during adulthood. In India, around 97,000 children have been affected by this condition. There is no specific known cause of Type 1 diabetes. Attempts to find specific causes have left scientists often bewildered, as no amount of research has enabled them to know the exact causes. However, after extensive research and lab tests using modern lab testing software and other techniques, the scientists have started to believe that a combination of genetic and environmental factors are responsible for causing this condition, which approximately forms around 5 percent of the total population affected by diabetes in general.

Do Type 1 Diabetes kills Useful Cells In The Body?| Health PLease

The symptoms of Type 1 Diabetes include dehydration, weight loss, and diabetic ketoacidosis. The presence of extra sugar in the blood stream makes the patient visit the washroom more often and through frequent urination, the patient keeps losing a lot of water from the body, and that leads to dehydration. The glucose that goes out of the body with urine also takes with it a lot of calories, which is precisely why a lot of people with diabetes get into a phase where they lose a lot of weight. With absence of insulin due to the absence of islet cells, the body never has glucose at its disposal to break down for energy. Thus, to find itself a source of energy, the body starts breaking down fat cells, which in turn creates a chemical called ketones. The liver releases stored that goes unused, and this gets stored up in the blood along with the acidic ketones.

This combination of blood sugar and ketones is called ketoacidosis and it can be life threatening if not treated immediately. As mentioned above, the type 1 diabetes indirectly damages your body by affecting vital organs over a period of time. To be specific, high glucose levels in the blood start affecting small blood vessels in eyes, kidneys and heart, which is exactly why we hear many diabetes patients losing vision over time, while other few experience kidney failure and heart related diseases.

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Things To Know Before Installing LIMS

by Health Please

Posted on 09:57AM Aug 21, 2018 in General

Things To Know Before Installing LIMS

For a pathology lab owner, there are multiple operational responsibilities that need to be undertaken for the lab’s smooth functioning. Testing, reporting, documentation of reports, etc. are some of the few tasks that need to be executed without any glitches every single time. And as these various tasks are discrete yet dependent on each other, the overall inter-dependencies are high for a pathological laboratory.

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For such inter-dependencies and labs where operations are from medium to large scale, an is the right fit. An LIMS software will double up your efficiency, allowing you to deftly manage test samples and the data associated with them. It will automate your entire workflow and allied processes while integrating machinery and medical instruments.

Installing an LIMS software to expedite your is a smart choice and of the best decisions for your lab’s future. Here are a list of things one needs to take into consideration, before installing a LIMS software.

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Essential Features in Lab Information Management Software (LIMS) for your laboratory

by Health Please

Posted on 06:06PM Apr 23, 2018 in General

Essential Features in Lab Information Management Software (LIMS) for your laboratory

The journey from the clinical sample collection to analysis and reporting is critical. It involves a complex process of collection of samples, storage until test and cumulating the observations/analysis to a report before forwarding it to the concerned person.

Lab Software

For a laboratory, there are hundreds and at times thousands of tests carried out day in and day out. To track all the samples and its values precisely and manage it all involves a high risk of potential human error.

To cater to this issue and to make the complete process error free and less of human intervention Health Please has come up with an online laboratory information management software (LIMS) which empowers labs to make the most of the resources they have by saving time and providing accurate results

Features of the Health Please LIMS

Online Presence

Health Please’s Web and Mobile app enables the laboratory to get an added advantage of acquiring additional appointments as they can showcase the services in a tidy and detailed manner to the Health Please users.

Track Appointments

Tracking appointments would not need an individual as it all gets recorded in the software where in the user can make use of the simple and easy user interface to book, track and manage the In Centre as well as the Home visits appointments. With features like making any appointment slot active or inactive as per availability of lab technician etc. the feasibility in lab operations enhances further to a great value.

Test Values

One of the most popular features of the LIMS is that it can connect your Lab machines to the software and achieve test parameters automatically. With that said, there are also provisions to input test values directly into software and customise remarks and comments. Moreover, the test parameters are also customisable.

Test Reports and Invoices

Most of the chaotic works like generating invoices and the reports management is taken care by the following features:

  • Lab specific invoices is generated.
  • Ready to send test reports with inbuilt header and footer for labs.
  • Provision to email reports directly to patients in just one click.

Statistics and Financials

A comparative study of trends of the laboratory which will help you in decision making also has been provisioned in the software. The top features in this segment are as below.

Graphics to indicate daily, monthly and yearly trends.

Charts to study comparison between

  • Pending and completed tests.
  • Packages vs Individual test vs Radiology test
  • Online payments vs Cash payments

User Database

Knowing the historic data of a patient can and does prove to be lifesaving. To facilitate this vital data, we have all time access to historic patient details and reports facility available in built to the software.


Track and manage your inventory so that you never run out of essentials. Get reminders when stock is low and other important associated features are part of the software.

Live technician tracking

Track your on-field technician out for Home Sample Collection in real time to ensure time saving and optimum use of the resources.

App interface

To eliminate the need of being present in front of a desktop or a computer and to easily access and manage your labs on the go all the features of the software has been made available through the user-friendly android and iOS apps.

Offline version

Eliminating the need of internet connectivity and ensuring the work does not halt in critical times the software has been empowered with offline capability. The access to all the features has been provided in the software in the offline version, which will get updated when internet connectivity is reinstated.

With these top features, the lab gets equipped with higher sample analysis and reporting capacity and the resources and the manpower required to cater to the demand reduces significantly. This in turn enhances the productivity and efficiency for a laboratory.

To know in detail and to get a demo of the LIMS software at your lab visit our website or call at 7620012092 or write to us at