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Laboratory Diagnostic Test For Dengue

by Health Please

Posted on 09:49AM Aug 21, 2018 in General

It’s just another day for you at work; you handover one of the most important dossiers to your Team, signed and sealed, for execution and come back to your cabin, where a glass of cool water is kept next to one of those flamboyant paper-weights you gifted yourself recently. You sit on your comfortable high-back chair with a soft, heavily cushioned backrest, pushing it back, to relax after an eventful, busy first half. You pick up the glass of water, eyes transfixed on the gorgeous paperweight. Just as you start sipping water, you feel a light, but significant pain behind your eyes. Within moments, you also realize you have a light headache. The pain still isn’t excruciating, but it’s significant and unlike any pain you have felt so far.

 Laboratory Diagnostic Test For Dengue & other diseases- Health Please

By evening, the headache has gotten severe and the pain behind your eyes is a lot more pronounced. You can also sense you have high fever and the intermittent nausea you seemed to have developed doesn’t exactly let you enjoy your evening Tea. You drive back home, feeling fatigued. By late evening, your muscles and joints are already in writhing pain. Paracetamol made you feel better, but only for a couple of hours. You call up your physician. He asks you to eat an antibiotic, preferably Taxim-O, twice a day for three days and asks you to update. “If you don’t feel better, we will investigate” he assures. “Make sure you keep yourself hydrated. Drink lot of water and avoiding eating anything that’s oily and too spicy”, he reiterates. Three days later, it has only gotten worse. You have developed rashes as well, on your skin. The pain in muscles and joints has gotten worse, and the pain behind your eyes keeps visiting every couple of hours, growing in its intensity with each visit. You call up your physician. He asks you to get a few Tests done, one of which is for Dengue. A few hours later, your physician calls you up, “You have dengue. Please get admitted”.

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