Things To Know Before Installing LIMS

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Posted on 09:57AM Aug 21, 2018 in General

Things To Know Before Installing LIMS

For a pathology lab owner, there are multiple operational responsibilities that need to be undertaken for the lab’s smooth functioning. Testing, reporting, documentation of reports, etc. are some of the few tasks that need to be executed without any glitches every single time. And as these various tasks are discrete yet dependent on each other, the overall inter-dependencies are high for a pathological laboratory.

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For such inter-dependencies and labs where operations are from medium to large scale, an is the right fit. An LIMS software will double up your efficiency, allowing you to deftly manage test samples and the data associated with them. It will automate your entire workflow and allied processes while integrating machinery and medical instruments.

Installing an LIMS software to expedite your is a smart choice and of the best decisions for your lab’s future. Here are a list of things one needs to take into consideration, before installing a LIMS software.

Turnaround time to go LIVE

At the outset, moving business and operational processes to an LIMS software is not a regular shift. It is definitely not a cumbersome one, but requires a standard turnaround time to get processes online. And, in the case, you choose to add customisations to your LIMS to suit your business, it will take time longer than usual to setup.

Additional IT support

An essential part of moving to an LIMS is the technical know-how for your staff and their technological savviness. That means you will need to give your staff the necessary training to handle the software and equip them with enough allied technical knowledge to deal with basic IT situations on their own. And if your not ready to invest in your staff training, then are you willing to employ professional IT support on a regular basis?

Cost vs Flexibility

An LIMS is usually a full-fledged package, like a standard module. But chances are more that you would be looking for a system that complements your business operations and practices. It is better to have a module in place that caters to your needs than changing your processes to suit the module. So maybe a standard software can be economically feasible for your business but it cause more work than usual.

So when shifting to a technology-driven lab, an LIMS is wise decision to make. Health Please offers a cloud-based LIMS solution that is not just up-to-date with technology but is also designed to give a forward-looking pathological lab the benefits of technical advantages. Made to complement the basic needs of every lab, Health Please also offers modules to individuals and corporates alike.

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