4 Tips For Laboratory Efficiency

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Posted on 10:29AM Aug 06, 2018 in General

4 Tips For Laboratory Efficiency

There are only 24 hours in a day and there’s only that much you can get out of your lab in a day. If scaling up your lab productivity is in on your mind to make the most out of your processes, then we have some suggestions to make that will help you achieve exactly the same.

Tips For Laboratory Efficiency | Health PLease

In the time of lab automations and mechanised workflows with pathology lab software, the scope to lift up your lab’s productivity and efficiency can double up exponentially. It is a symbiotic relation between automated workflows and lab managers and staff to bring about a high efficiency out of the lab. Too much output will eventually burnout both - the lab staff and its automation.

So what solution is left to be effectively engaged for a higher efficiency. Try these below mentioned methods if you haven’t already deployed in your lab processes.

People: Hire a qualified staff

Hiring the right, qualified people is one of the key contributors to acing your lab’s proficiency. They say, you’re only as strong as your weakest link. So a smart and an agile staff will keep your lab and it processes smart and agile. Of course, high academic background is expected out of your staff but a keen interest (will to keep learning) in life sciences is an added advantage. The more upgraded your staff is, the more upgraded your lab is. And of course, the right team will bring in leadership, motivation and achievable targets.

People: Foster innovation

Setting and following a culture of ‘innovation’ is critical to a lab’s heightened performance. Is there a faster, easier way to do what I am doing? Why am I doing it this way? Allow your teams to collaborate on making their work lives easier and then give scope for individual growth as well. A culture of innovation will keep your team driven and keep them hooked to their profession as well. Innovation also breeds a sense of intelligence back by responsibility.

Workflow: Plan inventory

Refilling and stacking up on inventory is an inevitable part of lab processes. This is also one area where most of the money flows in and flows out too. Your inventory is the critical asset of your lab and any squandering of your resource will prove lethal to your business processes. Check for see-through storage units instead of opaque cardboard boxes. That way, you will know when stocks are running low plus not miss out on any unused stocks. Another good practice is to label (categorise) your inventory based on your requirement - whether toxic, scarce, expensive, priority, etc. Point is make your inventory as much visible as possible.

Workflow: LIMS

Your lab needs a major push to cope with the rising demands if you haven’t set up a smart pathology lab solution yet. Shifting to a technology-driven lab with an LIMS software is wise decision. Health Please offers a cloud-based LIMS solution that is not just up-to-date with technology but is also designed to give a forward-looking pathological lab the benefits of technical advantages.

With these suggestions, take your lab’s efficiency notches higher.

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